Introducing Craig Ferguson & Co LLP

Many of his clients consider Craig to be their in-house solicitor - given the opportunity, we hope you will do the same. At a time when law firms seem to be getting ever bigger and service more impersonal, Craig provides an individual service to a small number of commercial clients.

Craig has the experience and expertise to provide the advice and support which allows his clients to make better business decisions and complete deals on the most advantageous terms. He will:

  • explain clearly your legal situation and what to do next
  • take the initiative to protect and advance your interests
  • make sure you get value for your money

Craig, and partner Jayne Anderton, will put into place the legal framework you will need to manage your commercial, financial and associated company transactions. They will work alongside you at the negotiating table, or in the background, ensuring deals are structured to achieve your objectives and taxation is kept to a minimum on your business and personal investments.